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Uriah McPhee Primary Art Exhibition

An art exhibition under the theme, “Preserving Our Coral Reefs” took place on May 20, 2021, and featured artworks by the Uriah McPhee Primary School students. The exhibition commenced with the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon, which was executed by Mrs. Patricia Minnis, Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister. A spirit-filled prayer was offered up by Mr. Keyshawn Dean, Head Boy of Uriah McPhee Primary School. Mrs. Kathryn Campbell, Senior Information Officer for Bahamas Information Services (BIS), gave a warm welcome, where she invited the audience to “Join us as we go on a fantastic voyage, and explore the rain forest of the sea.” Mr. Trevon Taylor, Grade 3 student gave a testimony on creating his art project, and explained that his construct was the coral reef, which he made out of recycled materials. Mr. Taylor also informed the audience that he used “small wood pieces, a very sharp drill, a sticky lead pencil, and sprayed with white, blue and green paint” to bring his masterpiece to life. Mrs. Pamela Armaly, principal of Uriah McPhee Primary School, expressed that the 2020/2021 school year was very challenging. However, she noted that the students’ creative talents did not waver as a result. She stated, “As we moved through these unchartered waters, we had to find unfamiliar ways to achieve our schools’ objectives.” Ms. Armaly spoke of the art exhibition’s genesis. She recalled the many ideas science coordinator, Mrs. Shavel Knowles suggested, with the most fitting being to have all 621 students create a marine animal found in the coral reef ecosystem, which is in line with the theme “Preserving Our Coral Reefs”. Mrs. Armaly went on to thank Mrs. Saskia D’Aguilar, Director of D’Aguilar Art Foundation, and Ms. Tessa Whitehead, Bahamian artist and curator of The D'Aguilar Art Foundation, for the support they gave to the students, and for donating art supplies.

Parliamentarians were also present for this auspicious occasion including: The Hon. Romauld Ferreira, Minister of Environment & Housing; The Hon. Jeffrey Lloyd, Minister of Education; and The Hon. Dionisio James D'Aguilar, Minister of Tourism and Aviation.


Minister Ferreira stated that he was very pleased to see students taking responsibility for the environment, and that he was proud of them. Minister Lloyd in his remarks, thanked Mrs. Pamela Armaly, Mrs. Shavel Knowles, and Ms. Tessa Whitehead for the outstanding work that they are doing in the Kemp Road area. Mrs. Saskia D’Aguilar thanked everyone who made the art exhibit possible. She went on to give a special thank you to Mrs. Pamela Armaly, and all of the administrators at Uriah McPhee for their support and inspiration to the students. After the official opening ceremony concluded, all in attendance were given an opportunity to view the creative works of art produced by the talented students of Uriah McPhee Primary School.

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The Ministry of Education was pleased to receive a donation of 119 Dell notebooks computers, valued at approximately $29,750., from several high schools in Virginia.

The initiative is a part of a state-wide program that teaches students to recondition surplus computers. The computers were originally donated, to the schools by the United States Federal Government. They were then refurnished by the students.

The US government felt the donation was so significant that the devices were shipped into The Bahamas by the United States Department of Defense.

On hand to receive the computers was the Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd along with the US (Charge ja der Affair Mrs. You Shar Pitts) Chargé d’Affaires Mrs. Usha Pitts.

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MOE Hosts 1st Annual Educator's Art Exhibition

Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” I can honestly say that creativity was in abundance during the 1st Annual Public School Visual Arts Educators’ Exhibition, which took place on Thursday, April 22, 2021. The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas hosted this gathering of artistry in the Ministry of Education’s Foyer on University drive at 1:30 p.m.Ms. Ruth E. Pennerman, Acting Education Officer, of Religious Studies for High Schools, served as an energetic, entertaining, and knowledgeable Moderator. Mr. Kevin Rolle, Visual Arts Teacher, C.V. Bethel Senior High School offered up the prayer, followed by a warm welcome by Ms. Tanya Evans, Visual Arts Teacher, S.C. McPherson Junior High School.“When you walk create, when you dance create, the innovation that exudes from you; man all you can do is create!”, a line taken from a poem entitled “Becoming a Creative”, written and eloquently recited by Mrs. Clara Storr, Acting Education Officer, Physical Education. Mrs. Storr’s inspirational poem challenges us to reveal the creative side that can be found in one and all.Ms. Serethea Clarke, Under Secretary, was entrusted with conveying remarks, prepared by the Hon. Jeffrey L. Lloyd, Minster of Education. In his address, Minister Lloyd took the opportunity to recognize teachers for their dedication to their craft. He went on to say, “Thank you for the work that you do to encourage, light a fire to your students and bring out their gifts, their potential that many times goes unnoticed, unheralded. The Hon. Minister further encouraged teachers to, “find those diamonds in the rough among your students and light a fire of passion and birth their artistic creativity. Put their abundance of energy into their art.” In his conclusion, Minister Lloyd invited teachers to, “Let your art shine in the lives of your students whom we hope develop a passion and “Become a Creative.”A soulful instrumental rendition of the song “Ribbon in the Sky”, by Stevie Wonder was performed by Mr. Garland Williams, Keyboardist, and Mr. Rashaun Cunningham, Baritonist, both Performing Arts Teachers, at the S.C. McPherson Junior High School.As the programme progressed, a work of art was emerging before our very eyes, as Mr. Preston Hanna, Subject Coordinator Visual Arts, C.V. Bethel Senior High School, conducted a Live Painting Demonstration. The duplicity in his work was awe-inspiring as abstract coloration met with the discipline of portrait painting. Little by little, a familiar face materialize on what was only moments before, an empty canvas. As every brush stroke blended paint in a myriad of colour, we could finally realize the face emerging from the talented Mr. Hanna, was none other than our own Minister of Education, the Hon. Jeffery Lloyd.

Ms. Nadia Smith, Visual Arts Teacher, The Visual School, introduced guest speaker, Ms. Katrina Cartwright, Education Outreach Manager, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, who spoke on “Becoming a Creative.” Ms. Cartwright stated, “We are grateful that the Ministry of Education has been continuously open to working with us, and look forward to further deepening our relationship with them”. She went on to speak about what it means to be a creative, and the journey to becoming a creative, and exclaimed, “Neither of which are easy things to do”. Ms. Cartwright furthered that, “the next generation, our young people, need to be encouraged, and to feel comfortable, asking the questions why? Or why Not? And what if? They need to think critically, utilize the creative problem solving, and find unusual solutions.” It was not hard to recognize how passionate Ms. Cartwright is about the Creative Arts, Art Educators, and the importance of encouraging those to pursue their talents, as she attributes much of her personal success to Art Educators, one being her Aunt, who has taught art for 40 years.An expression of gratitude was given by Ms. Julie Knowles, Acting Education Officer, Visual Arts. The audience was then entertained by a story about Ber Bookie and Ber Rabbi entitled “Who Done It, told by Mrs. Portia Sands, assistant Director of Culture Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, followed by a Poetry Reading by Ms. Stacia Pitt, Visual Arts Teacher,C.C. Sweeting Senior High School. The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Jasmine Chipman, Visual Arts Teacher, C.C. Sweeting Senior High School.In the words of Henri Matisse, “Creativity takes courage”, so continue to be courageous and allow creativity to shine through. 






It was no ordinary day at Columbus Primary School as Science studies took on a whole new life for the 4th and 5th grade students who were privileged to take part in a workshop which focused on Climate Change, and its effect on Global warming, and our environment. The workshop was organized by Ms. Lakia Brown, Science Specialist at the Sadie Curtis and Columbus Primary Schools, as part of Science Month, held in conjunction with STEM, a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines, namely; science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Ms. Sheena Davis, proprietor of Innovative Science, served as the science instructor for the students.

The students were both curious and excited, as the most energetic Ms. Davis engaged them in a variety of topics pertaining to climate change, some of which topics included: greenhouse gases, types of radiation, fossil fuels, and pollution. After an informative lecture on Global Warming, the students were allowed to take part in a hands-on experiment replicating global warming in a jar; where short-wave radiation from sunlight passes freely through the glass and is converted to long-wave radiation inside. However, the long-wave radiation cannot pass back out through the glass, resulting in a build-up of heat inside the jars from the captured solar energy. The students enjoyed a wonderful learning experience as they all took part in this enlightening experiment.

Ms. Jani-Ya Rolle, ten year old 5th grade student stated that she likes science a lot and enjoyed learning about the effects of global warming on our planet. Mrs. Barbara Dorsett, Senior Education Officer, Ministry of Education, oversaw the Science Workshop, ensuring everything ran smoothly, and that all of the students were participating.

All and all, it was a fantastic day of discovery, experimenting, and learning at Columbus Primary School.

The Hon. Jeffrey L. Lloyd, Minster of Education received a Courtesy Call from members of The Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), to thank the Ministry for contributions made, which assisted them in achieving many of their goals.


Three members from the Commission were in attendance including: His Excellency Desmond Edwards, Ambassador and Permanent Delegate, Ms. Deidre Bevans, Secretary General, and Dr. Ann Higgins, President of the International Dance Council, UNESCO Nassau Section. They outlined many of the accomplishments made by the Commission, some of which include; an opportunity to participate actively in the work of the Organization, including sessions of the UNESCO General Conference, its highest policy-making organ and the Executive Board of UNESCO, the second highest decision-making organization.


Dr. Ann Higgins thanked the Ministry for all of its support, which in part, lead to the validation of Bahamian Folk Dance, Junkanoo Dance, and Liturgical Dance, under the International Dance Council, (CID), the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

Ms. Deidre Bevans then up-dated Minister Lloyd, and Mrs. Lorraine Armbrister, Permanent Secretary, on the strides made by the organization, inclusive of the appointment of a Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Signing on to three Cultural Conventions, and submitting Nomination Papers for the Inscription of Junkanoo on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in urgent need of safeguarding.


Minister Lloyd commended The Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO members on their many accomplishments, and expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in amplifying the visibility of The Bahamas on an International scale.


The meeting concluded with Dr. Ann Higgins presenting the Hon. Minister with tokens of their appreciation, including a framed copy of the validation letter from the International Dance Council (CID), Paris.

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C. G. Atlantic made a presentation of devices on Monday April 19th, 2021, at the Centreville Primary School. The devices will be distributed to Centerville Primary, Centre for the Deaf, Erin Gilmore School for the Blind and Palmdale Primary.

On Thursday April 22nd, 2021, The Ministry of Education hosted its 23rd National Debate Championship Finals under the topic: "Be It Resolved That The Government Alone Should Have The Right To Make Decisions For The Bahamas During a Pandemic". Debate team finalists included St. Augustine's College, C. I. Gibson Sr., and Kingsway Academy. Each team strongly presented their cases in the three-way final, and at the end of it all St. Augustine's College emerged as the 2020- 2021 Champions. Second place was C. I. Gibson Sr., and third was Kingsway Academy.

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