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In order to meet the above mandate, the Planning and Research Section collects, collates and analyses quantitative and qualitative information. Once this is done, reports are prepared with outline implications and offer suggestions and recommendations for improvement.


Some key objectives of The Section are to execute the following at highest professional standards possible:


  • Collect, compile and analyze quantitative (statistical) data on education;

  • Collect and analyze qualitative data on education;

  • Coordinate and conduct research activities for the MOE;

  • Analyze education policies and provide recommendations for their revisions;

  • Develop plans to ensure the successful implementation of education policies;

  • Monitor and evaluate MOE programmes.



The SIX FUNCTIONS of The Planning and Research Section.


  1. Education Statistics and EMIS


This provides the statistical information needed as a base from which to execute the remaining functions. To accomplish this, the Statistics and EMIS team:


  • Distribute and collects the National Educational Census Questionnaires and other surveys that provide data on the educational system;

  • Produce and distribute a number of standardized documents and reports including

  • : The Bahamas National Educational Statistics Digest, the national Education Indicators Report, the Student Nationality Survey Report, The Profiles of Schools in The Bahamas, Education Institutions in The Bahamas, Education Statistical Data in The Bahamas.

  • Collect, store and disseminate statistical information produced by other sections in The Ministry of Education;

  • Provide statistical information on the education system to government agencies, NGOs regional and international organizations and to the general public.


  2. Resource Planning


Research and Planning seek to provide the Ministry of Education's executives and senior and mid-level managers with options as to how to best utilize the limited resources available and to get value for money while attempting to meet as many of the social needs of the country in the area of education. The following are examples of some of the resource planning activities on which the Planning and Research Section provides advice:


  • School Mapping activities.

  • Use of teachers.

  • Physical facilities including the types of rooms, construction of schools that accommodate students with disabilities.


  3. Research


  • Research and Planning provides a more in-depth look at issues that impact the education system to better understand them, so as to be in a better position to offer advice for improvement. While officers in the Planning and research Section conduct some research, they also seek to manage the research portfolio of The Ministry of Education making available a list of Research Topics of importance to the Ministry of Education. Additionally, officers provide technical assistance to others carrying out research by providing guidance in creating suitable data collection instruments, developing appropriate research designs and methodologies. This assistance is available to curriculum officers, teachers and students at local and foreign educational institutions. 


  4. Monitoring and Education


  • Research and statistics and analysis,  structure and function of operations and management.Planning 



  •  with professional development and training in the areas of reporting mechanisms, assists aim to track the level and rate of progress experienced in relation to the implementation of programmes, projects and activities undertaken by The Ministry of Education. The section also


  5.  Policy Analysis


  • Policy analysis is used in conjunction with research-based findings and it enables the MOE to assess the impact of education policies thus allowing for if needed, their appropriate adjustment. The section works along with other government agencies through the Attorney General's office to assist with the National Reporting of Treaties, Conventions and International obligations.


  6.  Project Management


Research and Planning aim to ensure that projects undertaken by the Ministry of Education are successfully implemented, both in terms of the efficient use of the resources and the timeliness of their completion.


The Planning and Research Section is currently conducting the following initiatives:


  • A National Census 2015 - 2016.

  • The Production of The National Education Statistics Digest.

  • The Ministry of Education's Annual Reports 2007  - 2008 and 2008 - 2009.

  • The Student Nationality Survey Report.

  • National Examination Indicators.

  • National Education Indicators Report. 












Research & Development Division


Using Data to Create a Clear Picture of The  Bahamian Education System and Proposing Effective and Workable Options of Systematic Improvement



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