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Our vision is for a Bahamian Education system that will foster academic excellence and equip students with multiple literacies that will enable them to make meaningful contributions as nation builders who are globally competitive. 


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The mission of the Department and Ministry of Education is to provide all persons in The Bahamas an opportunity to receive a quality education that will equip them with the necessary beliefs, knowledge, attitudes and skills required for life, both in a democratic society guided by Christian values and in an inter-dependent changing world.”


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Education in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is the principle vehicle for promoting the development of individuals and the nation as a whole. It is essential to enhancing the quality of life of our people.

It reflects our nation's ideals, values, beliefs and customs. It affirms that all human beings have an undeniable right to an education, one that will enable them to understand their privileges and responsibilities in the community.

Its specific focus is to prepare the youth to become active citizens, caring and compassionate people, and life-long learners who will continue to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.


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