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Our Philosophy


We are responsible for preparing students to work completely by ensuring education, through providing them with skills in communication, computation interpersonal and reading; and to provide them with moral values to function and have productive lives in society.


Mission Statement


  • Provide equal success to all the students of Grand Cay All Age through quality education.

  • education aims at enabling children to:

  • acquire knowledge, skills and values necessary for a full and satisfying adult life;

  • cherish love for their country, the Bahamas;

  • develop their potential to the fullest;

  • place a premium on the pursuit of excellence;

  • cultivate tolerance and respect for cultural and religious difference among people;

  • adhere to principles of democracy, justice, peace and responsibility;

  • develop the necessary moral values for a productive life in a democratic Christian country;

  • bring to bear creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and live productive lives in a rapidly changing technological age.




Knowledge is Power

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