Our Philosophy


We are responsible for preparing students to work completely by ensuring education, through providing them with skills in communication, computation interpersonal and reading; and to provide them with moral values to function and have productive lives in society.


Mission Statement


  • Provide equal success to all the students of Grand Cay All Age through quality education.

  • education aims at enabling children to:

  • acquire knowledge, skills and values necessary for a full and satisfying adult life;

  • cherish love for their country, the Bahamas;

  • develop their potential to the fullest;

  • place a premium on the pursuit of excellence;

  • cultivate tolerance and respect for cultural and religious difference among people;

  • adhere to principles of democracy, justice, peace and responsibility;

  • develop the necessary moral values for a productive life in a democratic Christian country;

  • bring to bear creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and live productive lives in a rapidly changing technological age.




Knowledge is Power

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The Bahamas’ Ministry of Education (MOE) has responsibility for more than 50,000 K-12 students in approximately 170 educational institutions in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, which are dispersed over 14 districts in the major islands. Our goal is to increase the graduation rate from 50% to 85% by 2030. The MOE aims to create an educational system that is technologically sound and competitive and that develops the strengths of each child, whether academic or otherwise, towards the maximum contribution that he/she is able to make to the national development of The Bahamas.

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