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Pitt Road

Nassau, The Bahamas

Telephone: 322  - 6823

Principal: Jenny Hutcheson

Vice Principal: Sheniqua Brennen - Curry


On September 5, 2011, the doors of to the new T. Glover Primary School welcomed over 400 students. This milestone was commemorated during an official ceremony held at the new school campus on Friday, January 27, 2012


Theodore Grant Glover, a son of Inagua, was what we might call a natural-born teacher.  He began his teaching career as a Monitor, at the age of 12. He came to be known and regarded as a dedicated educator committed to the development of the whole child. He taught during a period in our history when respect for authority and the value of obtaining a good education was of paramount importance.


The first institution named for Mr. T.G. Glover was a junior high school.  Subsequently, with the closure of a number of small primary schools the name T.G. Glover was attached to a primary school.  Then during the 1990s, several schools were amalgamated in order to upgrade and expand inner city primary schools like the Woodcock and Albury Sayles Primary Schools, which were made like new, and converted the Willard Patton into a preschool for four-year-olds.  The poorly constructed T.G. Glover School was closed and its administrative and teaching staff and students temporarily dispersed to different school campuses.


In August 2013, the Cabinet of The Bahamas approved the establishment of the T. G. Glover Professional Development and Research School to be housed at a state-of-the-art primary school campus that had recently been opened. The purpose of the Professional Development School is four-fold and focuses on:


the preparation of new teachers;

faculty development; inquiry directed at the improvement of practice and enhancing student achievement.


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