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N.G.M. Major High School



 After much deliberation, research and planning, in January of 1910, the school known as Buckley’s Public School was established in the settlement of Buckley’s, Long Island.  This replaced the Grant–In Aid school that had been housed in the Palestine Baptist Mission House until the 1908 hurricane.


The school was opened by Mr. H. M. Gibson, an Eleutheran, whose headmastership was short lived.  Several teachers succeeded Mr. Gibson, including Mr. C. I. Gibson, the father of National Anthem composer, Mr. Timothy Gibson, and Mr. Lance Smith.


The longest surviving of them all was Mr. Nelson G.M. Major, a Long Islander. Buckley’s Public School was re-named N.G.M. Major High in 1976 in honor of his lifelong Principal-ship of commitment, dedication and strong discipline. In fact, it is to Mr. Major that the school owes its cognizance of academic excellence that exists even today.


N.G.M. MAJOR HIGH is a comprehensive school with a student catchment area extending from Salt Pond in the North to Gordon’s in the South, including the settlements of Gray’s, Deadman’s Cay, Buckley’s, Cartwright’s, Mangrove Bush, Petty’s, Hamilton’s, Scrub Hill, Clarence Town, Dunmore, Morrisville, Hard bargain, Roses, Berry’s and Mortimer’s.

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