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Our Vision


  • To promote the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s strong tradition of excellence in education


  • To nurture and develop students with strong values to excel.


  • To see that instruction is geared toward the whole student; including the student’s intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual life.


Our Philosophy


The Philosophy of our school is grounded in the following principles:


  • An appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Bahamas.


  • A conviction that educators, parents, students themselves and the wider community must share with government the responsibility for the success of educational enterprises.


  • A belief in the right of students to an education, which will foster in them a sense of self-worth and enable them to be fulfilled at all stages of their lives.

  • An uncompromising commitment to the pursuit of excellence by teachers, students and the wider community as a whole.


  • A belief in the ability of the teaching and learning process to unlock and draw out the fullest potential of the individual.




Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the students with the opportunity to educate themselves to their fullest potential, develop positive attitudes, increase their knowledge and develop skills necessary for coping with the world today.




Learn Today for a Better Tomorrow



School Uniforms

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