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Pinewood Gardens

Main Tel: 242.392.8324

Fax: 242.393.8331

District Superintendent: Sheralyn Anderson

Principal:  Patricia Bodie

Our Vision

We Believe that all children are capable of high achievements not, just the fastest and most confident. We believe all children should feel individually known, cared for and nurtured. We believe all learners should be active in the construction of knowledge. We believe
consistent effort is the main determination of success. We believe all students can learn.
Our Philosophy


At the Cleveland Eneas Primary fellow men, his environment and himself.  Thereby maximizing positively the impact on his or her world socially, spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, morally and economically yet without infringing on the rights of others.  These we believe to be the essence and focus of education.  To these lofty ideals we hold form and seek to foster in every child.School we believe that each child is a divine gift endowed with the potential to positively know, establish and maintain a dynamic relationship with his God, his


Mission Statement


The staff of Cleveland Eneas Primary School is committed to and accepts responsibility for providing a comprehensive and integrated educational experience for all students.  The Staff and community will provide a creative learning environment for each child.  All our students will master essential skills in order to become successful lifelong learners.





Enter to Achieve, Exit to Excel.






Cleveland's Mascot

School Uniforms

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