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Claridge Road

Main Tel: 242.393.3661


Our Philosophy


Claridge Primary School is committed to Quality Education based on the co-operative involvement of students, staff parents and community.


We aim to develop the whole child by:


  •   Providing opportunities to enrich self- esteem.


  •   Forming relationships which will nurture a deeper bond with God and others.


  •   Striving for academic excellence.


  •   Realizing our interdependence with all people.


Mission Statement


Claridge Primary School is committed to:


  •  Provide quality education through cooperative efforts.


  • Provide opportunities for the full development of each child academically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and psychologically.


  • To instill in each child sense of self-worth and positive attitude which will enable him/her to become mature and responsible citizens at home and abroad.






‘Excelsior Striving for Excellence’






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