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Dundas Town

Abaco, Bahamas

Telephone: 367 - 3457

District Superintendent: Lenora Black/ Dominique Russell - McCartney

Principal: Beatrice Moxey

Vice Principal: Keva McIntosh

 Our Vision


At Central Abaco Primary we will create a culture where our students will know we care about their well-being, and they will learn to respect each other; their school environment and their own property.


Our Philosophy


Believing that every child can learn given the opportunity, our aim is to provide our children with the opportunity to develop academically, spiritually, culturally, artistically, morally, and physically. We hope to adequately prepare the students for the next phase of their education- High School, and the wider world of work.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to develop each student to his/her maximum potential. We are committed to provide effective instruction and quality programs, which recognizes individual differences, while developing a sense of self-respect and feelings of accomplishment for all students. We believe in maintaining high academic and behavioral standards that are both challenging and attainable. We are dedicated to the partnership of school, home, and community to support each child’s learning and feelings of self-worth. We celebrate the success of each child.




Excellence” By“Always In Pursuit of Robert Lindsay


 School Uniform


Jumper; white Girls: Green plaid skirt, tie Black button-down shirt; uniform tie Boys: Green pants; white shoes; white socks, button-down shirt; black belt; uniform    




School Uniforms

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